lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Agarrate Catalina!

Hice este agarrador hace muuuuchos años, mis primeros pasos en el Punto Cruz! Lo hice sobre una tela en desuso, podes ver que está manchada de óxido,creo. El patrón es un cubrebandejas de la Revista "Labores de Ana". Lo adapté y así quedó! A mi mamá le gustó igual.

Once upon a time I made this little oven-helper. It was one of my first Cross Stitch projects, so I chose an old fabric (look there´s a rusty spot!) an gave it a try. The pattern is from "Labores de Ana Magazine, it was for a tray but I modified into this! But my mum likes it anyway.

2 comentarios:

Meari dijo...

Glad your mother liked it. One of the first stamped embroidery pieces was a stamped potholder. I have no idea what happened to it. I know I used it for a long time.

Shaunterria dijo...

I really like your potholder - the strawberries are so cute! I'm thinking of buying a stamped kit because I really need some new potholders, but I haven't found any as cute as yours :)